Tuesday, October 6, 2009

VMS Tool Supplements RPO Services

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services are enhanced when the provider also has access to a superlative Vendor Management System (VMS) tool. Recently, Vitalent, a leader as a VMS provider, awarded a license to Creek Systems for utilization of their VMS tool as a component of the RPO services they offer their clients.

Aliso Viejo, California (October 05, 2009) - In a brilliant move to expand the services they offer their clients, Creek Systems announced that they had engaged in negotiations with Vitalent to attain licensure for the Vitalent VMS tool. Vitalent granted the license, and now Creek Systems is able to provide complete Vendor Management System services to their clients. As one of the top RPO firms in the nation, the addition of VMS to Creek’s menu of services enables current and future clients to consolidate all aspects of recruitment process outsourcing, including various placement agencies, with a single provider.

CEO of Creek Systems, Kevin M. Daly states, “It was a logical move to be able to offer clients VMS services under our RPO umbrella. Our clients now benefit from the ability to track, organize and manage all aspects of the recruiting process via one source. Efficiency and the ability to visualize recruiting metrics on demand consistently results in an expedient filling of open positions and can reduce the costs of attracting and retaining talent. Vitalent’s VMS tool is not only one of the best available, but they provide a level of expertise and support for their systems which is unsurpassed. We are extremely pleased to be partnering with them.”

Daly went on further to expound the positive aspects of engaging a RPO service stating that HR departments often get “bogged down” with tracking the status of open positions placed with a myriad of recruiting agencies. Utilizing a Recruitment Process Outsourcing service that also has a Vendor Management System available can alleviate the burdens placed on HR, enabling the HR staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

When HR departments are able to focus on compensation structures, employee benefits and HR risk mitigation instead of tracking recruitment sources, companies benefit. Labor and its associated costs (benefits, worker’s compensation, employer payroll taxes, etc.) are a major expense on any company’s balance sheet. When HR staff is unburdened of menial recruiting tasks, they are able to concentrate on business strategy and solutions that can help revitalize any organization.

The addition of VMS services greatly complements Creek System’s offerings to clients, both smaller entities and large corporations. In a slowly recovering economy, utilization of an RPO service provider may be a solution to assist many companies in rejuvenating their cash flow..

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